Design Month Graz

From May 7 to June 12, 2022, the UNESCO City of Design Graz is once again hosting the Design Month Graz. This annual design festival highlights a wide range of design disciplines with a dense and multi-facetted event program. For a whole month, the city will set the stage for exhibitions, workshops, meetings, presentations and a multitude of individual initiatives by designers, local design training institutions and universities as well as business enterprises.

The focus of the program is on “Green Transition,” a Europe-wide transformation process in which the creative sector plays a key role. Thanks to the sector’s claim to innovation, it is able to support and fill the European growth and development strategy “Green Deal” with specific content. This requires a joint effort from everyone – quite in the spirit of the interdisciplinary initiative “New European Bauhaus,” which seeks sustainable solutions and accompanying strategies to manage the transformation. The program focus on “Green Transition” offers a platform for contributions and solutions from the creative sector, also addressing the transformation and revolutionary processes that will lead towards a sustainable future. In that context, the role of design is also undergoing change: the individual will take a back seat in favor of the community, and “Society Centered Design” will increasingly replace “Human Centered Design.”

Organized and coordinated by the Creative Industries Styria network, the Design Month Graz offers a platform for socializing and making oneself visible, while also emphasizing the importance of design for everyday life and the economic relevance of creative processes as a key to mastering future challenges.

Our Partners
An exquisite composition is this year's Design Month Wine from the winery Krenn49 – Der Winzer. Die Winzerin.
The traditional ice cream maker Charly Temmel will sweeten the Design Month with a unique composition.
This years's Design Month Beer is produced by the brewery Murau.