Designmonat Graz 2016
Between 30 April and 29 May, Design Month Graz 2016 attracted some 51,000 visitors to 122 individual events. With 84 programme partners and 379 national and international labels, 200 reports in the print media, TV and radio as well as 500 on online portals at home and abroad, Design Month Graz is steadily climbing the international ladder of success.

Under the motto of “Design [be]greifbar machen” (Making Design Graspable), Design Month Graz invited representatives of the domestic creative scene as well as many international guests from Montréal, Detroit, Helsinki, Zagreb, Istanbul, Dundee, Moscow, Berlin and London to get together in Graz UNESCO City of Design. This year’s focus on “Design Thinking – Thinking Design” provided a platform for “Design Thinking” as a trouble-shooting strategy. Design Month Graz 2016 was opened on 29 April along with the exhibitions “SELECTED 2016”, “Awarded Design from Croatia” and “Beautific Break”, welcoming 1204 visitors to the designHalle, and totalling 9189 visits in all. As part of the programme, “Design in the City” invited 34 Graz-based trading businesses to discover various different design projects. Some 15,400 people came to see the format.

Further highlights of Design Month Graz included “Klanglicht” at Graz Opera House, Theatre and Next Liberty, the Fashion Design Festival assembly, and “SLOW” exhibition on the subject of deceleration at Hollenegg Castle curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein. Many people were especially interested in “Nothing Stops Detroit” and “HOLT – beyond tradition” as well as FH JOANNEUM’s Lecture Days.