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20.05.2021 | 17.00 — 20.00 | NINA POPP
20.05.2021 | 17.00 — 20.00
49 €

Do we fit together? Do we want to work together? And what do I reveal about our company on the webpage titled About?
The ABOUT workshop focuses on this digital intersection between at least two strangers, where the supplier and customer meet and embark into a common future.

‱ Which milestones in our history can be found on the About page?
‱ What could be the central theme of our company story?
‱ How can we establish a relationship digitally?

The ABOUT workshop tackles these questions about language and dialogue culture. Participants have the opportunity to question their customer relationships and get to know techniques that open up new perspectives and provide impulses for personal language and communication skills.


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about the host

Nina Popp is a copywriter and head of the copywriter agency NINA POPP text – stories, which is responsible for a number of communication concepts, exhibition, folder and web texts for international companies as well as institutions operating throughout Austria.