Fantastic Plastic
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021 | Herrengasse 26
Hot Wire Extension ‚Äď Random Light 4 ¬© Philip Tr√©
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021

Plastics have a rather tainted reputation when it comes to environmental and climate protection, but this is a misconception: It is incorrect disposal and not the plastics that are the problem. In fact, plastic as a raw material is 100% recyclable and can be processed into innumerable products. 

The exhibition Fantastic Plastic aims to raise awareness about the value of plastic as a raw resource. It highlights the numerous approaches of designers to reuse plastic and integrate it in a sustainable product circle. The possibilities to (re-)use plastic are endless!  

The objects on display are projects¬†and¬†products designed by a total of 27¬†international and national¬†design¬†studios that kept an experimental approach in mind. Among these projects are¬†children’s furniture from EcoBirdy (Belgium), sportswear from Adidas made from recycled plastic, ‚ÄúFreitag‚ÄĚ bags (Switzerland), lamps and furniture¬†by¬†Hot Wire Extensions¬†(United Kingdom), fashion by Galina Larina (Russia), the ‚ÄúLinz Hocker‚ÄĚ by Thomas Feichtner (Austria) and lighting and furniture by Walking Chair (Austria). The¬†idea¬†for Fantastic Plastic was developed by the Moscow Design Museum (MDM), which was founded in 2012 and is the first museum in Russia exclusively dedicated to design.¬†

Open from¬†8 May¬†until¬†6¬†June 2021, the exhibition Fantastic Plastic focuses on important future¬†issues: conscious consumption, climate protection and the efficient use of waste. Fantastic Plastic, a cooperation between the Moscow Design Museum and Creative Industries Styria,¬†is¬†thus¬†an ideal contribution to this year’s Design Month Graz theme ‚ÄúBetter Future‚ÄĚ.

Fantastic Plastic
Exhibition at the former building of Stiefelkönig | Herrengasse 26, 8010 Graz

May 8 ‚Äď June 6, 2021

May 7, 2021