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First High Heel Sneaker
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021 | In Optik
© elena egger | eephotograph
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021
Mockery Mia is a sneaker for women who like things a little more on the elegant side, yet still nice and comfortable. The architect Michaela Worschitz and her husband JĂŒrgen Holl are behind the label from Graz. The shoe, designed with a planning program for architects, hit the market amid the pandemic. The “first high-heel sneaker” is made in Italy with extra attention to sustainability, which is important to Worschitz and Holl. Throughout the Design Month, the shoe will be presented at the store of Wilfried Fauland.
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Meet the Designer: Michaela Worschitz und JĂŒrgen Holl
Fr, May 28, 2021, 16.00