Design in the City
Häng Luis
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021 | Offline Retail
© Christoph Schober
8.05.2021 — 6.06.2021
If a business idea born on a surf vacation not only survives but comes to fruition, it has substance. With his skate and fashion label Häng Luis, Michael Diekers has proved that it is possible to put good ideas into practice with just a little persistence. He manufactures skateboards from scraps of veneer and gives secondhand clothes from Caritas a brand upgrade, labelling them with his iconic logo, a line drawing of a bird on a skateboard. Ruth Nezmahen, shop manager of Offline Retail, was so enthusiastic about Dieker’s business idea that she gave him space to sell his boards and fashion in her shop.
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Meet the Designer: Michael Diekers
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