Human Agency and Technology in Surviving the Apocalypse
14. May 2019 | 14.30 — 16.00 | Joanneumsviertel Auditorium
Lecture at the FH JOANNEUM lecture days „COMMON! DESIGN FOR SOCIETY“

Design claims agency for social change, connecting communities, places, and people as dots of the rigged social fabric. This talk takes stock of the role of Design in generating and stopping processes of acceleration and overuse of Planet, Time and Social that have become commodities in the interactive space of value creation by the economic circuit. How can technology be used for setting free the Human by liberating the User and empowering the Consumer with social innovation is the current quest for entrepreneurs, designers and scholars.

Julianna Faludi

Julianna Faludi PhD is a sociologist researching social innovation, the relation of human and technology, and digital entrepreneurship. She is a coach and mentor at hackathons and digital startup projects collaborating with the Impact Hub and Makerspace in Budapest, and the European Youth Award in Austria.
(Affiliation: Media, Marketing and DesignCommunications Department of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary).

14. May 2019 | 14.30 — 16.00