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Meet the Designer: Mario Kaya und Emina Delalic
29.05.2021 | 11.45 | TEUBER Wohnfeelosophie
29.05.2021 | 11.45

The design duo Mario Kaya and Emina Delalic from Vienna deals with simple and functional furniture and product designs, formally oriented towards architectural and natural elements. Their “Folded Minimals” product series is minimalistic, reduced in material consumption, lean in production. Double U for example is a two-part, modular piece of furniture, the elements of which can be rotated, stacked and combined as desired. Then there is the multifunctional lamp ± and table V, an origami-inspired magazine holder and side table, and Tray A, a simple, sculptural bowl made of folded aluminum sheet.

Meet the Designer: Mario Kaya und Emina Delalic

Sa, May 29, 2021, 11.45 | FĂ€rbergasse 6, 8010 Graz

Folded Minimals
May 8 – June 6 2021