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Meet the Designer: Petra Stelzmüller
8.05.2021 | 13.00 | Perlenreich
8.05.2021 | 13.00

Ideas come and go with designer Petra Stelzmüller. If they come back again, they are worth thinking about. Petra Stelzmüller’s design objects are made from leather, textiles, plastics or paper, which gives the pieces a “body” and profile. Her “slow design” – three quarters of the production is manual work, and the products go through an intensive test phase – is intended for people who want to enrich their everyday lives with original design: Odin’s ravens Hugin and Munin, for example, who, according to legend, flew out in the morning and came back the next day to tell Odin what they had experienced in the outside world. Petra Stelzmüller is visiting Elisabeth Kunz in her Perlenreich boutique.

Meet the Designer: Petra Stelzmüller

Sa, May 8, 2021, from 13.00 | Gleisdorfer Gasse 13

Viennese Ravens Landed in Perlenreich
May 8 – June 6, 2021