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Meet the Designer: We are not sisters, Haazen Baertz, Mützenmafia, Mutu, Plural & Johanna Hauck
07. June 2019 | 15.00 | Sestra Store
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In her concept store Sestra, Kerstin Feiertag offers contemporary fashion and matching accessories from head to toe, from shoes to eyewear. The owner specializes in pieces from Scandinavian countries, France and also local brands. During Design Month, Graz-based designers introduce themselves at Sestra: in the course of an event that focuses on regional design for women, they share what inspires them, how they choose materials, where they produce their pieces, etc. The goal is to contribute to deceleration in the fashion industry. Participating designers are We are not sisters, Haazen Baertz, Muetzenmafia, Mutus, Plural and Johanna Hauck.

07. June 2019 | 15.00