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14.05.2021 — 29.05.2021
14.05.2021 — 29.05.2021

The designer Fanny Justich and her husband (French: mari) breathe new life into old things – as extraordinary furniture. With their designs, they give new meaning to forgotten objects, and by extension a second chance in life. They always plunge into this process with humor a great deal of fun and humor. The newly created objects should not “only” be usable but should also be able to raise an eyebrow and a smile or two from people who see them. ‘Fanny et mari’ is thus not about flawless beauty: Traces of the past are what make the pieces exciting. At ‘Fanny et mari’, each item is unique and has its own branding stamp.

From baroque drawers that become sideboards to comic characters that give an almost lost lamp a new touch ‒ the exhibition ‘Fanny et mari’ gives reusability a smiling face.

Pop-Up Fanny et mari

May 14 – 29, 2021
Sporgasse 6, 8010 Graz