Design in the City, Presentation
The No-Ring: The art of saying no
07. June 2019 | 16.00 — 20.00 | Barbara Edlinger Jewelry-Art-Design
© Croce & Wir

Barbara Edlinger offers a platform for contemporary jewellery design in her recently opened atelier and goldsmith’s studio. In addition to producing experimental pieces of jewellery herself, she invites international jewellery designers to showcase their work. As part of the programme of Design Month Graz, the No-Ring is being presented: an interdisciplinary, socio-cultural project at the interface of architecture, art and design, which surged from a collaboration with architect Marion Wicher. The artfully designed ring stands for the conscious act of saying “no” and the liberating feelings that come with it.

07. June 2019 | 16.00 — 20.00