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WHAT NOW!? KitchenTalks
8.05.2024 — 31.05.2024 | Festivalzentrum Hornig Areal
Cooking, chatting, reflecting, conceptualizing, philosophizing – the WHAT NOW! KitchenTalks fuse culinary art and discourse.
© David Stocker
8.05.2024 — 31.05.2024

Cooking, talking, reflecting, conceptualizing, philosophizing – the “What Now! KitchenTalks” combine culinary delights and discourse in a new evening format that is a fixed point in Design Month Graz 2024. Visions and ideas as well as models and theses for a better life are developed while cooking together in a specially equipped kitchen at the festival center. There will be “recipes” for the prepared dishes at most, everything else may remain processual, fragmentary, raw – the important thing is that it is said, heard and reflected upon!

Creatives, designers, institutions, producers, curators and experts from all disciplines are invited to present their ideas, across the board and across the table, so to speak. The focus is on experiencing, thinking and enjoying together.

Time: 18.00 – 22.00 hrs

Cost: 49€ per person
Participation only possible after ticket purchase
Included are 4 courses + drinks


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May 29 | Bas van Bentum and Falk Kremzow – What if? lab (Amsterdam) | Rethinking shared spaces
Space&Matter’s Research and design lab

Cities have long been pushing industries away, distancing work and living areas, leading to social and economic challenges. Just societies require mixed-use neighborhoods for job access, energy transformation, and circular economies. Through stakeholder engagement, involving the municipality, local businesses, and residents, we asked: “What if industry stays in the city?” Introducing THE THIRD ZONE concept—an innovative approach that introduces intermediary spaces between industrial and residential areas.

This KitchenTalk will be held in English!


May 31 | Tomislav Bobinec – I say no to cheap design | Boris Bućan – between art and design

Boris Bućan (1947-2023) was a Croatian artist and designer whose works can be found in renowned museums worldwide, including the MoMA and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, the Munich City Museum, and the State Library Victoria in Melbourne. As part of the New Art Practice generation, he combined visual art with new technologies. The exhibition of Boris Bućan’s works as part of Design Month 2024 is the first major tribute after his death outside Croatia and features around 100 works of art from the Dagmar Meneghello Private Foundation. As part of the KitchenTalk, Tomislav Bobinec, one of the driving forces behind the exhibition, will talk about Bućan, his work and the process of creating this homage to a great graphic designer.


© Tomislav Bobinec

WHAT NOW!? KitchenTalks

May 8 | 14 | 21 | 29 | 31
each 18.00 – 22.00

Festival Center Hornig Areal
Waagner-Biro-Straße 39 | 8020 Graz


The Underground Kitchen stands for modern cuisine at the highest level. Tobias Graf and Andreas Bacher present special culinary creations for unique experiences throughout the entire Design Month Graz in the Hornig Areal festival center. Eating is not just about satisfying a basic need, but a social act that brings people together and creates wonderful moments and culinary highlights. This is how gastronomy works in Design Month Graz 2024!