Design Month Graz

Design Month Graz provides an insight into various creative disciplines and links distinct design creators together. Events such as exhibitions, workshops or lectures invite you to network in the
UNESCO City of Design Graz.


Design Month Graz bundles and condenses the energy of the local creative industries within one month. It allows visibility to the outside world creating a central contribution which therefore enlightens the creative aspects within people’s consciousness. It provides a space for innovative projects – whether experimental or commercial – henceforth heightening the perception and the meaning of design. This does not purely include decorative behaviors such as design as styling, but it also considers the economic relevance, meaning design as development and value added process, which further enhances the transformational power of design in economy and society.

Numerous local as well as international partners partake in Design Month Graz. The term “design month” acts as an umbrella brand and assembles the individual activities under one uniform appearance, without jeopardizing their independence. The Creative Industries Styria coordinates and organises the Design Month Graz spanning a substantive and programmatic range from a variety within individual initiatives from designers to large local design training institutions, thereby enabling synergies and cooperation between the creative industries and “classic” companies.

Design Month Graz 2019

100,000 visitors attended the event, attracting a lot of international interest. 106 events with 101 partners from 24 nations brought the large spectrum of design and the internationality of the network to life.
Every year, the Design Month Graz shows the creative potential of the country. Once again, a wide variety of design aspects were bundled and woven into an exciting program: the UNSCO City of Design Istanbul partook as a guest at Design Month Graz and inspired design contributions on the Murinsel as well as in the designforum Steiermark and within the context of the exhibition “World Wide Things” at Neue Galerie Graz. The creative industry held an impressive visual aesthetic in the Design Month Graz participating in the city center with the cooperation with “Echt Graz” as well as in the “return” of the fashion festival assembly, which thrilled it’s numerous spectators.

In addition, the successful event “fifteen seconds” exceeding the expectations of Design Month Graz proving its commitment to a festival that sweeps far beyond the borders of the creative industry. “The vibrant network of the Creative Cities was noticeable in the Designmonat Graz”, CIS Managing Director Eberhard Schrempf is pleased: “In addition to design contributions from all over the world, we were able to hold the conference ico-D in Graz. Designers and interested parties from Nagoya to Istanbul and Puebla to Mexico City have emphasized with their participation that Design Month Graz has become an international fixture.”

MAY 8 - JUNE 7, 2020
Our Partners
An exquisite composition is this year's Design Month-Wine from the winery Krenn 49, a blend of Rivaner, Pinot Blanc and Muscat.
2019 the Design Month-Beer comes from the brewery Murauer. The beer was branded for Design Month Graz.
Sink your teeth into this year's Design Month-Bread by Martin Auer - a rich spelt bread by the tradition bakery.
Matching the cooperation with the UNESCO City of Design Istanbul, the traditional ice cream maker Charly Temmel sweetened the Design Month with a unique composition: This year's chosen flavour is "Turkish Delight".