Welcome to the underground | Culinary delights at the Hornig Areal festival center
© David Stocker

The Underground Kitchen stands for modern cuisine at the highest level. Tobias Graf and Andreas Bacher present special culinary creations for unique experiences throughout Design Month Graz at the Hornig Areal festival center.

Eating is not just about satisfying a basic need, but a social act that brings people together and creates wonderful moments and culinary highlights. This is how gastronomy works in Design Month Graz 2024!

WHAT NOW!? KitchenTalks

Cooking, chatting, reflecting, conceptualizing, philosophizing – the WHAT NOW! KitchenTalks fuse culinary art and discourse. On 5 dates during Design Month Graz, The Underground Kitchen will support your hosts while they cook and ensure that you are well looked after.
Further Informations, Dates & Registration

You will find The Underground Kitchen at the Festival Center Hornig Areal in Waagner-Biro-Straße 39, 8020 Graz. THE[SIGN]KANTINE will open on May 3, where you can grab a bite to eat before exploring the grounds.